Recently I upload a new game i made. It´s called Happy New Year and it´s a Flixel Experience about what a new year means.

But when I´m trying to upload to Newgrounds... they change the layout. I can´t find the submit screen, and I upload it in Kongregate.

So, sorry for the late of the game, but I hope you enjoy it. :)
And don´t forget to see my site:

Quicky post, because I don´t wanna embarrassing myself too much, heheh.

I upload a new version of Michael is Nor Dead, because the link it´s wrong. My new site now is, without the "U".

Also, I remove the Frost Bite and Space Fighters 2. They make your jobs, but now it´s time to finish some real games. :)

In fact, I think this place needs some... Orchids to make more beaultiful. ;)

See ya!

Hello Mo****F***** World

2009-10-16 16:58:38 by stigmawall

Hello everybody. THis is my first post. I´m not sure if I really need post here, or if someone will ready this, but I have to say: FOLLOW ME -

Heehhehe... and after, don´t forget to see my website:

See ya!